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"(this)was my first experience with acupuncture and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. After trying exercise and a chiropractor to help with my lower back pain with no success I decided to try acupuncture. I was a little nervous at first but (she) really made me feel comfortable and took the time to explain everything that was going to happen. She takes a very detailed history and asks about all aspects of your life (I felt like I was getting a free therapy session) which made me feel at ease. After 2 sessions the back pain was gone and now I find myself wondering what else I can cure by a visit to (Heart's Discovery)!"  - AN

"...I am so pleased with the results from last evenings treatment, it was the first good night sleep I had in weeks without pain somewhere. I am so looking forward to our next session. Thank you again, you gave me my faith back and lifted my spirit..." - SW
"...I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you are! I'm so thankful you and all your skills, qualities, attributes and characteristics are in my life...You help me on a multitude of levels. Your support is felt deeply. You make my world a better place...Thank you and keep being you!" - Christina MacLeod
"I think your treatments are fantastic. You are a healer in every sense of the word." - V

"When I go to Nova Scotia for my annual visit.. the first stop for me.. after a long day's travel.. is to go Eastern Shore Holistic Acupuncture!... an hour with her treatments is so relaxing.. soothing.. and informative..  I also see her again before traveling back home.."   See  Brenda Peo Fine Art

"I highly recommend (Heart;s Discovery), I have seen her on several occasions and she really helped my situation and beyond, thanks again ... for all your treatments, wise words and healing, you truly are a healer and a great person!" - SW
"...it always amazes me how good I feel after acupuncture treatment and the pain starts to go away, whether it's for macular degeneration, low back pain or swollen ankles, and no side effects!! Thank you." - MGW
"Once again my time with you has left me feeling so much better! The change in how I am feeling is amazing. Thank you!" - M
"...I thought you'd like to know that I passed both parts of the pan Canadian acupuncture exam Thank you for your teachings and the role you played in my journey." - Former Student
"...I just wanted to tell you how much better I am feeling this evening compared to this morning. Acupuncture, talking with you and sunshine seems to be what I needed. Thank you, you make my life better," - M
"...It is so wonderful when friends are in true balance and in well being.  :-) Thank you for being who you are and entering this modality with conscientious study to help people get better. Infinite Blessings" ...S.

"...thank you for the treatments, your skill and attributes were just what I needed to kick-start a return to health. You are appreciated." - Bethana

"(Heart's Discovery)looks after the whole person. She is caring and her treatments help on so many levels. The heat, the sound bowls and aromatherapy make it all to easy to relax and feel comfortable, to let the healing begin. She treats the whole person, not just your symptoms. A beautiful person and location and calming environment." - CM
"... I need to say that I have had two nights without pins and needles in my hands overnight.  How great!  Thank you for the hope that I have in knowing that you will get me on the right track..." - MC
"...Just want to thank you for your treatment for seasickness.  I made it through the whole cruise and never even felt any nausea whatsoever.  Two days coming across the Atlantic even had rough seas! From your greatest fan." - CF

"About 4 years ago, after my husband was recovering from open heart surgery, I started having severe headaches. They were so bad that even extra strength headache medications wouldn’t help lessen the pain. I was unable to read and would often feel like I was going to pass out or be sick. I saw a doctor, who said it was probably “just stress” and I saw an eye doctor who said it could be a migraine... I had this headache every day, and night, for over a month. I even went to Emergency at our local hospital and was diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder and prescribed medication. The headache continued. Finally, in desperation, I tried acupuncture. It worked! The headache was gone.

I have become a faithful client of (Heart's Discovery)... I prefer to have acupuncture on a regular basis as I have found it to help control and relieve stress and anxiety. I no longer have the severe headaches. I have also had relief of sinus pain and achy joints through acupuncture....(she) is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. As soon as I walk into her rooms I feel peaceful and relaxed. I truly believe in acupuncture as it has certainly improved my quality of life." - Patricia Lapointe

"ACUPUNCTURE! At 80 yrs, I didn't think that acupuncture could do anything for me, I was wrong, for years I've had lower back pain, with acupuncture treatment I'm free of that pain. Last year I was told I had Polymyalgia, with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I feel great. Also a few months past, I had a growth on my arm, with acupuncture it's nearly back to normal.So now I'm a big fan of Acupuncture. - MW"

"... I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome for over twenty years i have been on two types of medication. I have been getting acupuncture done at Eastern Shore Holistic Acupuncture and i am no longer on medication for RLS. It is a huge relief for me. Thank you very much. Connie"
"Acupuncture is new to me, and I was a little nervous but (she) was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. She took the time to explain what she wanted to do, why, and what I can expect. I am now a true believer in acupuncture and will continue. I am feeling better than I have in a long time, thank you!" - JD

"(Heart;s Discovery) provided complete relief of my back pain and also treated my seborrheic dermatitis with success. I would highly recommend her services." - M. Higgins

"Acupuncture with (Heart's Discovery) has helped me in more ways than I know. Not only has it helped me with physical discomfort but also with many internal issues that the treatment of has helped me bring balance and normalcy back into my life. Thank you" - Alanna

"I have been seeing (Heart;s Discovery) for acupuncture for a few months now. It has benefited me greatly, from clearing my sinuses to helping ease the pain and other symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia that traditional medicine had not been able to do. It is a relaxing and relatively painless procedure and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a holistic alternative to traditional medicine and medications." - MB

"Thank you for allowing me to share my struggles yesterday and validating my feelings.  It appears all those needles were right on target. I feel so much lighter today... Grateful that you came into my life." - US
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