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 Eastern Shore Holistic Acupuncture 

About Treatments: What to Expect

1. The initial step is to discuss the chief complaints, explain how the medicine works, how it can help your specific needs and what to expect in terms of the process, the treatment, the kinds of results and possible treatment plans.  

2. We then sign a detailed informed consent after I explain all the possible outcomes and risks. Here is where you can further explore specific concerns, questions or preferences (for example fear of needles, sensitivity to scents or interactions with prescription drugs).
3. Next we perform the intake. This takes about 30 min with detailed notes about medical and lifestyle history, family, work, emotional life, medications, philosophy of life and all physical symptoms from headaches to bowel moments. 

4. I then examine the tongue and evaluate the nature of pulses in 6 position and at 3 depths. I use these findings to clarify and confirm initial findings or drill down into a new area I may have only touched in the initial intake. 

5. Next I finalize and explain the preliminary diagnosis and the treatment plan objectives based on Traditional Chinese medicine theories, principles and patterns of imbalance. I then discuss the modalities I will use and the areas that may be needled and how I need you to dress, cover and position yourself comfortably. 

6. Finally you move to a warm, comfortable, private treatment room where you get dabbed with alcohol on acupoints and a gentle application of fine hair-thin sterile needles,  aromatherapy, sound therapy, far-infrared healing heat or moxibustion and often Therapeutic Touch® . This takes 15-20 min. and then the needles remain in place for a minimum of 25 min.

7. The last step is to pay for the current treatment and plan the frequency and number of next treatments. At this point I may also prescribe and/or recommend herbal formulas, diet and lifestyle practices, healing liniments or other products such as essential oils or flower essences.


- The initial session is 1.5 hours with follow-up sessions lasting 1 hour each. 

- For an acute injury: 2-3 times weekly half-sessions for 4-5 sessions and then follow-ups until the issue is well on its way to being healed. 

- For chronic conditions: weekly full sessions for 4-5 sessions and then bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the response. 

- Sometimes monthly treatments are warranted for long time for deep seated issues. 

- Other issues can be cleared up within 6-10 treatments and only periodic "tune-ups" quarterly to semi-annually.